The 7th Inning Fetch


UX, app design, graphic design,  copywriting


This was a single-day mobile design sprint intended to focus on an app that would provide value for users.  I ended up giving myself an extra day to see this turn into a prototype. 


Ballpark concession stands often have long lines which means long waits and fans missing the action.  This app is intended to cut most of those lines in half or more so fans never need to stand in lines or miss a play!


Fans can catch all the sports action while waiting for their items.  This app provides a very user-friendly way of letting fans submit their orders and seat number then having their food and beverage be delivered right to them.  Future ideation of this app could have a similar model to doordash etc. but specific to venues. 

Splash Screen

After I created a name for the app, which is my favorite part, it gave me a good starting point for the splash screen.
I needed to make certain this was read as a baseball-specific app and that color and font choice were appropriate. 

7th inn_splash.png
bases loading_splash .png




Wireframes at a glance

I made a series of wireframes that would allow a comprehensive ordering experience but not so many that it wouldn't be a quick ordering process.  The problem being solved here is about fans missing the game due to the time wasted in the process of waiting and ordering away from your seat. 

7th inning fetch wireframes.png


Please feel free to move through the prototype and see if you are able to order a beer called "Alley Cat."
Hopefully, you are able to quickly and efficiently order your beer without frustration!

* If possible, I would suggest using the prototype from your mobile device while sitting watching a baseball game on television*

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