Craigslist Homepage

Please note: I was not paid by craigslist to do this nor am I using this project for personal financial gain.


UX Designer and researcher


1 week sprint to see how much information could be gathered and implemented into a thoughtful design while having fun in the process.


Ideate a new homepage with respect to the existing homepage and website history.


I made close observations and measured my collected data against what currently exist.  The major point needed to be addressed was secondary content taking up more space than needed so it was condensed into a similar or like categories.

Comparative analysis

I began with surface observations on the homepage while notating similar websites for conventional methods of delivering like content.  The most useful parts were highlighted and referenced for their use. 

CL homepage notations
ND homepage notations
FB homepage notations

Survey Says...

Without having a client to give direction or communicate goals, the only next logical step was create a survey for users themselves to give feedback on what they find useful, useless, other general concerns and basic demographic information.

CL data1 .png
CL data2.png
CL data3.png


These are two versions of wireframes for the CL homepage.  Both have notations to explain my design choices.



cl conclusion.png
Artboard – 8.jpg

Finally, I settled on a design rather Avant Garde.  The idea was to maintain as much of the original character of CL as possible while minimizing as much unnecessary or secondary content as possible.  To achieve this, I housed the most used and relevant content into a parent menu.  I moved secondary items to the footer, available but out of the way.  I made the search and post functions more present with an account feature to display personality and encourage trust via verification.  Lastly I added a background image with the retro feeling of 90’s CL and just for fun scattered the menus on the webpage; though the size of each menu is reflective of it's usage based on my research.

Artboard – 7.jpg