My design!

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No current website exists for the client to showcase all of her work in a place that allows for a new fan experience or direct access to downloadable music and merchandise purchase.

The team plans to implement a unique interface with animation, embedded artist content, downloadables, and E-commerce. 


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current sitemap.png

Redesign and organize a website to strategically inform visitors about the climate crisis and act by scaling regional solutions to a global crisis towards beginner and intermediate climate advocates.

Some pages or sections may appear different between both sitemaps and wireframes. This is because the design process is constantly under review and transformation. The goal is alway to meet organizational objectives with no impediments to the user.

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This was a complete overhaul of a service-based website to increase transparency and accessibility.  I performed a thorough site audit with condensed content, all new UI and copywriting with the expectation to increase site visits and new business.

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Maconly desktop- mobile.png

I wanted to redesign existing content with order and purpose to advertise specific services and refresh color theme and imagery. 

I performed an audit with the client present and noted all elements to their liking or disliking down to font size.  Each time a major change was made, we reviewed together including a third party and revisions were made. 

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Melissa Whippo, LCSW


Not Mine


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I looked for existing problems in the flight booking process and wanted to mitigate them through an informed design process.

I created page for users to input preferences which routes them to a curated search form.  Questions were based on user research methods with actual users. 

FLY UX benchmarking.png

Fly UX: case study

FLY UX affinity.png
FLY UX wireframes.png

Try the:

Fly UX Prototype

Craigslist: sprint

I reimagined a new craigslist homepage with respect to its current elements with a 1 week deadline.

Backed by survey data, I featured only what was essential and decluttered all secondary content.

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7th Inning Fetch

7th Inning fetch.png

I ideated all aspects of a mobile app designed for users to order baseball concessions via mobile device in their seats.

Allow pre-ordering and secure confirmation of orders specific to their seat location and identification. 

Think doordash but from seat to seat.

Prototype coming soon!