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UX, web design, research, copywriting

*This is an ongoing project to which my involvement is now limited but I am showcasing my deliverable here.*


Scale regional solutions to a global crisis towards beginner and intermediate climate advocates with the objective of inspiring ACTION.  *measurable by year 2030*


The original goal was very ambitious to have a launch 4 -5 weeks out.  As the team changed and new objectives and methods evolved, the project was extended TBD.  


Studied the pain points and resources specifically available to beginner climate advocates.  Created a hierarchy of feasible actions under color-coded banners that also serve as sitemap-navigation.

Comparative Analysis

Although some objectives may be different from similar environmentally-conscious organizations, the messaging is nearly the same.  It would be a disservice to ignore the existing signals that have already captured a large portion of the target audience. 

greenpeace analysis
350 analysis

Climate action survey


As a team, we created a 3-4 minute questionnaire to identify the target audience and their primary concerns.


Client sitemap ddba

* Original *

Although intinal color coding doesn't reflect future versions, it was a great starting point to use as a guide for categorizing; using highlights over what the client provided.

The idea was to reduce redundancy and time consumption by condensing as many items into 3 parts as possible.

(1.) Action (learn more and do more)

(2.) Edify (scientific and inspirational viewing)

(3.) Connect (donations and partnerships)            


* Week six verison *

Screen Shot 2021-04-26 at 2.23.08 PM.png
week six sitemap ddba

What proceeded the week six sitemap was using "nudge theory" as a guide for thinking about what content to feature systematically.

nudge map ddba


Continuing the theme of "Threes," I wireframed two versions of the homepage hoping to provide answers to visitors asking, "What is this? Why should I care, and What do can I do?"

homepage wireframes A/B ddba

Final deliverable wireframes implementing weeks of client and team feedback were created with the ability to adjust colors and navigational elements to suit objectives subject to change.  My hope was that my contribution to the project would continue to be valuable in my absence.

Homepage/ About

About page
FAQ page

Act Now/ Community

Actions page
partnerships and org's page
county organizations page

Visual resources/ Inspiration

Inspiration page
Toolkits page
science page