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Please note: I was not paid by any airline to do this nor am I using this project for personal financial gain.


researcher, UI/UX designer, and copywriter


6 month project complete from competitive benchmarking to mid high fidelity prototyping


Find existing problems in the flight booking process and mitigate them through an informed design process


I created page for users to input preferences which routes them to a curated search form.  Questions were based on user research methods with actual users. 

Competitive benchmarking

To create Fly UX, I began with competitive benchmarking.  Reviewing and annotating four major airlines to gain an understanding of the industry conventions applicable to my project.

Affinity Diagram

Fun fact:


usability testing

" I wish I could see all my prefered flights on the same page."

A usability test was conducted in order to gain insight from an actual user regarding ease of use on a mobile app, positive feedback, and pain points of significance. 

affinity diagram_card sorting
affinity Diagram
flow diagram

Usability testing

With the addition of survey answers from 20 respondents and 2 usability tests, one of which seen here, I began to group raw user empathy into five distinct categories to gauge the problems and guide the solutions.  A series of regrouping and organizing into a cohesive customer journey map paved the way for a flow diagram to serve as a roadmap for sketches.

customer journey mapping

Journey mapping


Moving into medium and high fidelity mockups with some interaction, changes were made to reflect the recognition of any errors or conflicting navigation.  Wireframes contain annotations providing developers with essential descriptions to increase transparency.

This is one screenshot from multiple tests conducted with different participants in order to gain insight on a spectrum of potential feelings.

wireframes 2.jpg


Fly ux prototype_iphone

Thanks for looking!

This project was concluded with a clickable prototype. 

I encourage you to test it out and see if the booking process to generating a ticket is relatively painless.

Further instructions are included upon starting the prototype.